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Throughout the greetings industry there are the familiar names to turn to when it comes to sourcing the best packaging

for showcasing your products and Transrap packaging Limited might not be one of those name, so let’s introduce them…

In simple terms, Transrap Packaging Limited (mark II) is a family run business boasting a wealth of experience and

knowledge in both the packaging and greetings industries.

The lifetime expertise of producing quality polypropylene packaging is now offered under the new company name

Transrap Packaging Limited. Historically a market lead title in the polythene industry  the name is back after almost a 30 year break

under the new directorship of Peter Yorston and assisted by his (sales and Production Manager) son Oliver.  

From leaving school, Peter began working at his father’s packaging company (the original Transrap) moving through the ranks from

shop floor sweeper to External Sales Rep. This front line, shop floor, experience nurtured a passion to deliver the highest quality

polypropylene bags and successfully led to the start of a thriving packaging company being established in 1992, along with

two other partners the company went from strength to strength but for Peter his grass roots experience of

packaging production was calling and after 23 years he chose to branch out alone.

In 2015 the company was established and, in turn, the rebirth of the Transrap name. with a clear focus on polypropylene packaging and

the greetings industry Transrap’s emphasis is on quality whilst ensuring an approachable, friendly, and welcoming environment for

everyone concerned, customers and employees.

Situated in Moorgreen, Nottingham, Transrap Packaging Limited manufactures the highest quality polypropylene

from its 10,000 square foot unit. Using the most state-of-the-art machinery, production is dedicated to supplying superior bags for

greetings, gifts, beauty, clothing and other industries.

With an experienced, supportive and efficient sales team, competitive prices and lead times,

Transrap aims to become the name you turn to when sourcing your packaging needs.  

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